Thursday, September 15, 2016

Episode #002:
Guest :Tracy Johnson
Morning Show Mentor & Talent Coach

When it comes to developing on-air superstars, few share the successful track record of TRACY JOHNSON.

Recognized as one of America’s most innovative radio programmers and managers, Tracy Johnson’s broad background in traditional and digital media spans more than 25 years and has influenced hundreds of radio stations, programmers and personalities.

In this insightful interview, Tracy reveals where he’d put his focus TODAY if rebooting his career, gives tips for creating a great show, regardless of format (or perceived formattic limitations), and gives some great job interview tips ─ whether you’re seeking the next job OR hiring the next staffer.  This episode is loaded with practical advice and examples of ideas you can apply to your station immediately!

Although this interview has been edited for time, you are welcome to catch the full EXTENDED PLAY [Click HERE]


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One-minute Martinizing:
Names Make News. 
Unleashing the power of shout outs

It’s the magic trick which works 100% of the time – name dropping. For those of us working in the biz we’ve forgotten the impact of hearing our name on the air. We take for granted how it feels when someone says they heard the guys on the radio talking about us. It’s powerful.

When people get together they talk and what they talk about most is other people. It’s no accident the most successful magazine - audience size, ad and subscription revenues - is People. Put this principle to work on your air, on your websites, in your social media.Search all the usual suspects, daily/weekly newspapers, local media websites, and local social media. Look for promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions. “Our congrats to Bill Smith, he’s the new sales manager at Jones Toyota.” “Hey, there’s a new coffee shop at the corner of State and Lake, it’s called Fresh Cup, good luck to owner Ann Roberts and her crew.”

Once you begin doing this consistently – that’s every day - your listeners will get in touch and suggest names to drop. It’s a killer way to localize your radio station. Be the station known for celebrating locals.

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