Saturday, September 24, 2016

Episode #003:
Kim Komando
America's "Digital Goddess"

Kim Komando
"America's Digital Goddess" – is one of America's most successful radio hosts and Web entrepreneurs - and a trusted guide to millions through the thickets of today's digital lifestyle.

In so many ways, she could be the trailblazing poster child for the “Brandwidth” concept. Her busy website, daily newsletters, numerous books, and weekly USA Today column reach millions of other fans.

Her "Kim Komando Show," a three-hour call-in weekly radio show on technology with an estimated reach of 6.5 million listeners, and Komando's daily "Digital Minute" news reports, are heard on hundreds of radio stations across the country and hundreds more around the world.  As she points out in this episode, 

"It’s not about techies and 
computer-troubleshooting anymore. 
It’s now about a lifestyle – 
the lifestyle of a digital age.”

Kim is a rock star in the talk-radio community as well. She received the Gracie Award for Outstanding Program Host in 2007. In 2009, she was named Talker Magazine's "Woman of the Year." She was an invited speaker at Fortune Magazines' 2009 Most Powerful Woman Summit – and was even the answer to a question in Trivial Pursuit!

Her newly built Broadcast Center incorporates two Digital Radio  Broadcast Studios to be used for talk radio, music programming, interview programs, and high production value podcasting, two Voice-Over Studios, two Digital Audio Production Rooms, two Digital Video Production Edit Suites, A Radio Master Control Studio, Television Master Control, a 2,500 sq. ft. HD Television sound stage, capable of a 10-camera production, and a high-security server hosting facility utilizing a gigabit digital fiber backbone provided by both CentryLink and COX Communications. 

In this podcast Kim talks about the importance of RADIO embracing VIDEO as a powerful resource. Click the link above to see her practice what she preaches!

Visit Kim's Website
Kim’s website is a virtual ‘how to’ of intuitive user layout, content depth and categorization, and ways to earn additional revenue. 

Check out the variety of engagement options she offers from social interaction to various, targeted email subscriptions, videos and more!

Granted, she has a staff creating 150 pieces of online content each week (audio, video, social and email), but EVERY show and station can learn from this stellar example of a 21st Century Media Brand.

Hear Kim's EXPANDED PLAY interview:

by David Martin

Localize your radio station

To quote Tony Coles, speaking at the Radio Show in Nashville:
“If your station sounds
like it could be anywhere,
you’re doing it wrong -
you need to sound like your market…”

On any given day there are three to five things your target – that’s your community – is talking about and those things should be on your air and present across your all of your digital platforms every day.

It starts by having a solid listening strategy. What things are the folks talking about? What’s going on that’s gotten or likely to get their attention? Always take it a step further and localize it. What are the things folks in your target demo talking about that are the same as everywhere else (e.g., Brangelina) and what’s unique to your market (e.g., Saturday’s big concert event). It’s important to cover both.

Boil it down to the top three, four or five. Not more than five. Write it up, post it in the studio during the morning show and provide talent with a format for ensuring it’s part of every show, every hour. Remember to cover all your digital bases as well.

Seize the zeitgeist.

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