Sunday, October 2, 2016

Episode #004 - John Parikhal, Breakthrough Management

John Parikhal
Researcher, futurist, and radio vet John Parikhal is best perhaps best known in radio circles as president of Joint Communications, an international media consulting firm sporting an impressive client roster. 

He is known for helping clients increase market share through strategic focus on customer demands, satisfying customer needs and leading client growth through innovation, fresh thinking, targeted marketing concepts and media trend watching.

Like many of us, John is adapting and evolving, through his work with The Media Fix and most recently forming a partnership with renowned business expert Philippe Denichaud to form Breakthrough Management. As John notes, “Peter Drucker and Philippe are my biggest management influences. From them, I learned how to apply practical strategies to help businesses survive and grow.”

In addition to the great content in this interview, John also shares some tremendous tips on time management and prioritization in his Breakthrough Management blog:

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One-minute Martinizing:

Listen longer or listen again. 

Killer content starts with optimizing the platform. Take advantage of each platform's unique characteristics. For example, Over-the-air is a real-time platform. You’re reaching people in the moment. Moreover, the majority of that audience shares a location (your metro).

Develop content which is obvious, topical, local or a combination of those. If there’s a beautiful full moon tonight you can make a mention of that which would be obvious, topical and local. Seek to make your audience aware of what’s happening and interesting in the moment. You’re giving your audience information which helps them look good socially…”WOW, did you see that moon tonight.”

The objective of every set should be to deliver content which encourages the audience to listen longer or persuades them to listen again. This is the most effective way to build occasions and time per occasion. Occasions are important, they represent the building blocks of quarter-hour listening estimates.

Frequency matters. As Tracy Johnson shared with us in an earlier episode, you can and should mention things, deliver bits, more than once. Research your time spent data and use it as a guide. Maybe that awesome full moon deserves a different mention once an hour all night. Repurpose the content across your digital platforms. “Hey, Bridget Smith sent us a great shot of the moon tonight, check our Instagram.”

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