Sunday, October 9, 2016

Episode #005 - Fred Jacobs: Founder/Jacobs Media

Fred Jacobs
Fred Jacobs has emerged over the past two decades as one of radio’s leading visionaries.

He founded Jacobs Media in 1983, when he had the notion that Album Rock could be fragmented by the creation of the Classic Rock format. Today, Classic Rock stands out as the most successful radio format in the last 20 years.

Prior to launching the company, Fred spent the majority of his time designing and managing research projects as the Director of Research for the Radio and Publishing divisions for Frank N. Magid Associates, a leading research and consulting firm. Later, Fred became Director of Radio Research for the ABC-FM Owned and Operated Radio Stations. From there, Fred gravitated to the station side, becoming program director for legendary WRIF-FM in Detroit, before 

forming Jacobs Media

He has been noted as a pioneer in the connected car movement, and has overseen the growth of their JACApps division as well as their annual benchmark Jacobs Tech Survey (see link below).

Along with providing the creative and intellectual direction for the company, Fred consults our major market Classic, Mainstream, and Active Rock clients, while having input in every client relationship.

Fred has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, and a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from Michigan State

Other cool stuff:

Know your numbers cold.

Whether your mission is to develop audience, develop revenue or win a place in the playoffs you need to understand how to keep score and how the scorecard works. In the developing audience use case the ratings are the most important scorecard because Radio continues to be a ratings driven enterprise.

Get into the habit of doing your homework each time new numbers are released. First, take a look at the big picture and ask what’s happening, what’s not happening and what can I do to influence behavior. As a programmer or talent the goal is to influence behavior so it shows up in the numbers, the scorecard.

Knowing your numbers cold means having a deep understanding of what’s happening behind the numbers. The question you should ask is “What would have to happen for [insert daypart or show here] to become number one?” Reduce the answer to a value. If the number one afternoon show in the market has a 5.6 share and your afternoons deliver a 4.5, you need to grow at least 1.2 shares to be the new champ.

How do you plan to do that? What’s your strategy?