Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Episode #010:
(Mornings, KDWB/Twin Cities)

Ever notice: many LOCAL radio hosts make superficial references to their market, but only the superstars really OWN their market?

Historically, radio has produced many great examples. However, in this era of tight budgets and greater dependance on national shows, that list is shrinking to an elite few. By any standards, Twin Cities morning icon DAVE RYAN tops this list.

In this episode of "Brandwidth on Demand", Dave shares some key points leading to his longevity at the top of his game ─ and the top of the ratings!

 In the EXPANDED PLAY, Dave also shares his experience at the JOB INTERVIEW that brought him to his current position, all those quarter-hours ago!

In this wide-ranging episode, he also shares commonalities between strong managers, dealing with weak leaders, and how to thrive in any management situation. (SPOILER ALERT: he also shares when you KNOW it’s time to move on!)

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Import and Export

Over the majority of Radio’s history the mission of audience development involved persuading listeners to tune-in, to encourage audience’s to come to – and report when asked - our dial position. We’ve been deeply engaged in the business of import. This battle, for what Larry Rosin and his Edison Research team call Share of Ear, is ongoing. Get the audience to listen, listen longer and listen again during those times they are available and want to use audio.

The game changed about twenty years ago. In the first wave of digital we made our web sites and HD side channels secondary tune-in targets, creating and promoting digital content. In the second wave of digital we’re getting into the business of export. Creating and exporting content to platforms owned by others. Social networks now capture significant shares of time and attention with our audiences. The mission of audience development now also includes identifying those platforms preferred by our audiences and creating, promoting content tailored to each platform.

Today our objectives are clear. Continue to grow Share of Ear while also growing shares of time and attention across the brave new world of digital.