Saturday, November 26, 2016

Episode #012:
Michael O'Malley

Albright, O'Malley & Brenner Consulting

Mike O'Malley
Mike O’Malley knows the power of radio, and specifically the unique bond between Country radio and its listeners.    

Prior to his consulting life, he logged over 20 years including PD jobs in Baltimore, Washington DC with a 5 year finale in New York City, where he was hired by NBC to flip WYNY to country.
Now as a name partner in one of America’s leading consulting firms, he has teamed with radio icon Jaye Albright and longtime Seattle PD Becky Brenner to form Albright, O’Malley and Brenner, a consulting firm specializing in Country radio.

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Not surprisingly, Mike offers some key tips to Country radio’s success, including some fundamentals which can apply to stations and show hosts in ANY format.

He also shares significant insights on things he knows NOW that he wishes he’d known then. As always, Mike gives his unique brand of solid info for anyone looking to advance their career.

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One-minute Martinizing: 

Promo Power

Every PD has access to a powerful marketing tool. This tool, worth millions of dollars, is a renewable resource available to PDs at almost no charge. Here’s the catch. To take advantage of the tool requires imagination and hard work. The tool is your air, your primary on-air channel.

In our experience what separates good stations from great stations are a small number of major differences. Great stations use their own air to promote station image and drive occasions of listening. In diary markets, the great stations also use their own air to help listeners rehearse literate behavior – they teach them how to remember and write the name of the station.

Inventory: establish a promo inventory with the same discipline and practice as you do your commercial inventory. This multi-million dollar renewable resource needs to be respected to be effective.

Creative: the best non-program audio on your air should be your promos. The promos on your air this week become your latest sizzle reel, if not, you’ve got work to do.

Pro tip: repetition is learning, reach and frequency are essential. Consult your sales team to discover your OES (optimum effective scheduling). Example: how many times does your promo need to run in order to deliver a 60 reach with a 4 frequency against the promo’s target demo? Scheduling your promos needs to be informed by the hard data (e.g., Nielsen)