Sunday, January 22, 2017

Episode #018:
SBG Morning Host FITZ sez: B Y O B*

(*...and that doesn't mean what you might be thinking!)

FITZ in the Morning
From a kid who would do almost ANYthing to get on the air calling local DJ’s, and started developing his ‘act’ doing humorous PA announcements in grade school, Seattle-based FITZ shares the story of how he got his start, and the steps that lead to his nationally syndicated morning show, distributed by the SBG radio networks.
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Fitz reveals some of the biggest mis-conceptions and next steps to those who THINK they’d like to be syndicated, but aren’t ‘there’ yet.

He also shares some great tips for PD’s & GM’s on the care & feeding of an established air talent and what HE looks from a good program director or manager and how he deals with having TON's of PD's clearing his network show.

We also asked FITZ what’s ONE THING that worked so well radio stopped doing it. His observations may surprise you…as may his tips to correct the problem! 

Get to know FITZ:

One-minute Martinizing


No matter the significant changes which technology has introduced to the complexity of being a media company, the daily mission remains the same as it has for decades – put on a good show. The winners go to work unconditionally dedicated to committing great radio.

Great talent and great stations invest time and attention differently than others. One of the things the greatest do consistently is get people to talk about their shows and their stations. “Get people to talk about your radio station,” so said the legendary Gordon McLendon in advice to his managers about how to be a market leader. As a practical matter this means putting the audience to work, getting listeners to spread the word about your station.The ongoing challenge is to engage the audience and get into their conversations. This process begins with creating something worth talking about. Content is still king. Channels of content distribution have increased dramatically representing a radical change in how people become aware of and consume content. It’s the dawn of a new world including new behaviors and habits in media consumption. The good news is thanks to digital distribution, including social media, once you’ve created killer content, getting content and word out about that content out there has never been easier.

The most successful shows and stations understand it’s critical that their content be discoverable and easy to share. They develop and practice a disciplined policy of staging content across every available and appropriate platform. From on-air recycling, to owned platforms (e.g., station websites and apps), to social networks popular with their audiences, the winners ensure their best stuff is not only out there but ready to be shared as part of the conversation. The A students know the value of exploiting the territory. They’re creating tags, owning hashtags, cultivating key influencers to drive sharing, re-sharing their “greatest hits,” and, most importantly, listening to the audience, constantly looking for new ways to make them the stars of the show.