Sunday, February 12, 2017

Episode #020:
Gabe Hobbs - Gabe Hobbs Media
Finding Your Inner SuperStar

Gabe Hobbs is a longtime award-winning radio leader, specializing in spoken word formats for the past 20-plus years.

As SVP Programming for Clear Channel Broadcasting, he oversaw 275 News, Talk and Sports stations, and served as in-house advisor to Premiere Radio Networks, where he worked with names you’ll know ranging from Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, to Dr. Laura, Bob Costas and even the President of the United States, Donald Trump

Now he heads Gabe Hobbs Media, featuring an impressive roster of top talent.

In this episode, Gabe reveals common threads to all of his successes, and offers tips you can implement immediately.

Gabe also shares insights on the 2017 Talk Show Boot Camp in Atlanta, where he'll unveil his latest 'HOBBS REPORT' on trends and performance of News/Talk stations and shows.  

He also shares tips that radio people of ANY format should be paying attention to moving forward!

You'll also want to check out the EXPANDED PLAY of Gabe's interview, with even more great insights trimmed for time!

One-minute Martinizing


It’s easy to forget the awesome power of Radio, the unmatched ability to create awareness and prompt action – to influence the local market.

At the best run stations, advertisers have an advocate – the sales department – which is preoccupied with their success. Putting the right creative to work in the right way improves the odds of client success and renewal. For sellers there are no stop sets only go sets.

Listeners also have an advocate – the programming team – which is obsessed with their wants, likes, preferences, interests, hopes, dreams, desires and latent fantasies. The mission, as Dr Roger Wimmer often says, is find out what the audience wants, give it to them and tell them you delivered.

My thought is the programming team should also lead a daily initiative to champion good things. Consider this three step process

1. Do your homework. Discover good work being done which deserves more attention. Be sensitive, attuned to those things which resonate with your target.

2. Create awareness. Provide the audience with what they need to know. The what and the why.

3. Encourage engagement. Sell listeners on what they can do. The how.

This week in your market there are people doing good work that deserve and need help to get the word out. Whether it’s a blood drive, a cup cake sale to raise money for school athletics, or a food bank which is failing to keep up with demand, local people doing good typically don’t get the media attention they should.

You can make a real difference. Be the change, help others to do good in your community. Give a damn. Become known as the relentless champion of locals doing good. Use your influence to get listeners involved in things that matter. It’s the rent we pay for the unique privilege of being a broadcaster.