Monday, February 20, 2017

Episode #021

Zach Sang

Radio's FUTURE is HERE!

If you’re wondering where radio’s future superstars will come from, here’s a hint: ZACH SANG!

At a time when most of his friends were exploring other creative outlets to express their talents, Zach believed in radio ─ but with a twist!

Like many people his age, Zach found an out-of-touch medium targeted more for his parents than his generation. Nonetheless, he got ‘bit by the radio bug’ but decided to create an entirely different take on what ‘his definitation’ of radio could be…including tons of engagement using other co-branded programs. In other words, the epitome of “Brandwidth”!

Now he’s one of the youngest broadcasters ever to head his own network radio show, the pop culture show Zach Sang and the Gang on Westwood One. 

In this episode, Zach identifies exactly what he -- as a listener -- saw missing, how that inspired him to ‘go for it’, and HOW he made his moves. He shares valuable tips on engaging the audience which ANY local host or station can put into use immediately for instant improvement!

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By David Martin


Radio, the first tribe of wireless, continues to enjoy considerable advantages in the daily battle for consumer attention. The most successful talent and leaders in the trade are those who take nothing for granted putting those advantages to work.

Among Radio’s natural advantages are characteristics other media are trying to exploit or copy. These include wireless, mobile, local and real-time.

Thanks to wireless devices and networks, access to practically every media can now happen wirelessly. Moreover, these devices and networks have enabled the migration of internet based assets from fixed locations (e.g., desktops in the home and office) to mobile - almost any location with wireless connectivity.

Internet technology has created the opportunity for media to offer consumers content which is sensitive to location. While it may require consumer permission it is now possible for the new wireless media to create, deliver local content.

Radio’s major advantage continues to be its real-time or in the moment capability. This advantage – the incredible power of NOW - is truly unique since it plays an essential role in Radio’s ability to relate. Radio can be a real companion and talent using one-to-one communication skills are able to offer consumers remarkable experiences not always available from other media.

The challenge is to make something happen, to do work that, as Seth Godin says, “…people would miss if it were gone.” We are competing against ourselves. Zach Sang is spot-on when he talks about connecting with people and engaging the audience. Zach’s success is no accident. He’s a performer putting in the hard work to develop his craft and in that process he’s making a difference.

If you’re willing to play the game, serious about going to work every day dedicated to committing great Radio, then the only limitation is your imagination. Make something happen. Game on.