Friday, March 24, 2017

Episode 23:
VO Superstar Nick Michaels
The STORY behind great imaging!

Nick Michaels is a writer, narrator, and broadcaster whose voice has appeared on over a billion dollars of paid advertising for clients like Bristol-Myers, General Motors, Kellogg's, P&G, Gillette, Coca-Cola, and many others.

Nick can be heard on National Geographic Explorer episodes and many other TV projects. His writing, voice, and television commercials are helping to shape the image of some of the most influential stations and networks in the country including KSWD-FM in Los Angeles, WDRV-FM in Chicago, KCBS AM/FM in San Francisco and even CNN, among others.

Nick's syndicated radio program, 
The Deep End With Nick Michaels, can be heard across the country. 


Hear Nick's impact on writing and delivery, in helping unseat a longstanding heritage market leader!

One-minute Martinizing: 

Get Different

The mission at my day job is to help others change behavior. We believe …“All that matters is what’s coming out of the speakers and on the screens. Everything else is a footnote.” Nick Michaels delivered the goods in this episode. His take away – what’s important is what they’re hearing not what we’re saying – is spot-on. The magic happens, or not, on the listener side of the radio, in the listener’s mind. Nick’s success comes from a deep understanding of the true nature of great audio - it’s a performance art.

Writing on his blog, programming ace George Johns recently said “It’s time for radio to take the blinders off and get the hell out of the forest so they can breathe some fresh air. We need to start creating some new radio because I’ve heard all this stuff before. The radio industry needs to do something so compelling that it forces its listeners to tell their friends and co-workers all about it every day.” Right on the mark, as ever.

Nick and George share a passion for making exceptional audio, audio that strikes a responsive chord, audio which triggers an emotional response. Job 1 for radio is creating exceptional audio, doing the common uncommonly well and to a measureable effect. What are you doing on the air that “forces…(your) listeners to tell their friends and co-workers all about it”? Getting listeners to talk about you, your show, your radio station is one of those critical measureable effects. You’ll get into their conversations by first getting into their mind.

Let me suggest this – something that gets people talking will breakthrough because it’s fundamentally different, it’s something which captures attention and engages the imagination. The task at hand is putting the listener mind to work. Getting the listener involved in filling in the blank. My sense is this involves a focused effort to get different rather than continuing to invest precious time and resources in getting better. Get different!