Thursday, April 13, 2017

Episode #25:
17 Survival Tips for 2017

There are some who say radio can be hell, but it’s a dry heat!

No question, the mediascape continues to evolve in ways foreign to many people. However, there are any number of clues as to ways in which things are likely to move, and importantly, ways in which YOU can prepare to success.

In this 15 minute episode, we’ve compiled some of the best CAREER ADVICE from top radio performers, managers, and media thought leaders to help you sharpen your career survival skills.

We’ve also created a cheat sheet of “17 Career Survival Tips”, inspired by these guests.

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One-minute Martinizing:
Hot Wash

Successful performance artists share a secret. They care enough about their craft, about their success, to carefully study each performance. The playbooks of great athletes, winning politicians and legendary broadcasters include a discipline and dedication to critical self-reviews. It’s an important part of the process of becoming and staying successful. The objective is to notice what’s working and what’s not. The goal is to make every performance great getting there one step at a time.

The military conducts what they call a hot wash or after-action evaluation immediately following a tactical or kinetic operation. It’s a formal review which produces a set of lessons learned. In the cases involving our military lives are saved, in broadcasting the hot wash can save and, more importantly, make careers.

Here’s the hard part. Listening to your show every day – no exceptions – is not fun. It’s a time suck and, after all, you were there, you’ve already heard it, right? No, not really. The concept is to put yourself on the listener side of the radio. You need to hear the entire performance. You should take notes on things you notice. What’s working? What’s not working? How does it feel? What could you change to make the show better?

In my experience, winners including Dave Letterman, NFL MVPs, and a bunch of very successful radio broadcasters, have all included a daily hot wash or after-action eval as part of their day. Give it a try for ninety days. You’re right, of course, that’s a big commitment but you’ll discover it produces big results. Go for greatness. Thank me later.