Monday, May 1, 2017

Episode #027:
The NEWS on Today's Mediascape
NBC Radio's Crys Quimby

Crys Quinby is the highly regarded broadcast journalist, News Director and PD, who is currently National Director of Programming for NBC Radio News and the 24/7 News Service. She has also served as anchor for such market leading brands as Fox News Radio, CNN and rne of America’s consistently top-rated and top-billing stations 1010 WINS in New York. Notably, she was Program Director at sister station WCBS Newsradio after a successful run in Los Angeles programming CBS owned KFWB and anchoring on KNX.

Now that she works with HUNDREDS of stations, Crys shares advice for anyone seeking to advance their career, or just starting out in the industry. She outlines the that TRAITS are most valuable to radio teams today. In a rare glimpse into the hiring decision-making process, she reveals what makes one stand out candidate stand out, when faced with two seemingly equally qualified candidates. 

Crys offers a unique perspective on the industry, and shares some RARE observations and offers 'thee ONE WORD' of advice for anyone wanting to advance within a good operation.

One-minute Martinizing:


What separates the great performers and market leading stations from the average? It’s a short list of attributes which the winners have mastered. Among them is creating a strong sense of place, an ability to relate, connecting with local needs, interests and sensibilities.

The most successful shows and stations fit their market, play an active role in their community, and come to be known as a trusted source of what’s happening. The most successful shows and stations become a habit, a part of their listener’s daily life. Listeners are taught to feel if they didn’t listen today they missed something and they’re not in touch.

Radio’s real-time delivery sets the stage for being in the moment – it’s an opportunity created fresh every hour. The key is to make the show/station sound like your market in the moment. The A students are masters of target listener vocabulary, they ensure local vernacular is always dominant.

The first step is being preoccupied with what your target is talking about and getting into the conversation. Shows and stations at the top of their game lead the conversation, their targets are talking about them (what’s on the show/station).

Let me suggest something should happen on the air at least once every twenty minutes which clearly indicates a sense of place and a sensitivity to the moment

You can localize everything. WCCO weather guy Mike Lynch doesn’t just tell listeners the conditions in Anoka, Minnesota, instead he name drops a local landmark and says “Sunny and 76 degrees at Sparky’s CafĂ© in Anoka.”

Homework: What’s truly unique about your market? Discover the essence of your market. The objective is to reflect the local flavor and celebrate local differences.