Monday, May 22, 2017

Episode #029

Life After Radio...(sorta)
Bobby Rich

Bobby Rich is the epitome of “AWARD-WINNING BROADCASTER”,
and in this episode, you’ll hear why!

He's been elected to the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame, named R&R AC Personality of the Year and honored locally as Best Of Tucson by The Weekly. His 94.9 Morning MIX named “Best Of The City” by Tucson Lifestyle magazine and "Best Local Radio Show" in Arizona Daily Star Readers Poll. Greater Tucson Leadership gave Bobby their "Community Leadership Award" and Tucson Advertising Federation chose him for the prestigious “Golden Mic Award". And his under his leadership,Mix 94-9 was named R&R’s Station of the Year.

Although Tucson has been home for over 25 years, Bobby is perhaps most highly regarded as the original creator of HOT AC, as PD of San Diego’s KFMB-FM/B-100. There he also herded the market-dominant and equally award-winning “Rich Brothers” morning show.

Proudly stating that radio was his first love, and will be his last love, he now is channeling that passion to his online station B100-dot-FM, "the station so bitchin’, it’s not even a dot-com, it's B100 dot-FM"!

He shares the ONE thing separating winning shows and stations from those that aren’t, and reveals secrets that have made ALL of his stations so successful. He also reveals his thoughts on where radio is headed next.

Show Prep #1

“The key is not the will to win, everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” Those words from legendary coach Bobby Knight are worth writing down, remembering and putting into daily practice.

A few show prep tips for programmers, the leaders that set the stage and tone for great performances.

Empathy is critical. Programmers must be able to understand their target audience, their talent, their boss and the competition.

Know what your target audience is talking, thinking, and concerned about. What’s captured their interest today? Establish systems to ensure your team gets this.

The great programmers agree, you need to support and encourage talent for them to win. To bring out their best, first show talent that you care. Do this by catching them doing something right and providing honest, positive feedback. Communicate with talent daily. Phone, email, text, one-on-one, the manner of contact is less important than the contact. Be responsive, show respect and appreciation.

Expectations need to be crystal clear. What do you expect to hear and see from your team? What are the standards? Are you certain they understand? Does everyone know what “par” is? That predetermined number of things that must happen in their air, social and digital work. Make it simple for team members to score themselves.

What’s the role of talent at your radio stations? You and your boss need to have a deep understanding of the part talent plays in your strategy. Lead with a “no surprises” philosophy. Keep your boss dialed-in to your plans and what’s happening on and off the air with each talent and team member.

What’s happening across the street? While your demo competitor(s) may not share your programming philosophy – they may even suck – it’s important you grasp what they are trying to do.

The single most important activity which deserves to be on your daily to-do list is listening and watching. Listen to your station, to your market, to your boss and especially to your talent. Watch what’s going on in social and digital. Listen, watch, reflect, decide, and take action.