Monday, May 29, 2017

Episode #030: Guest: AMY PORTERFIELD

Online Marketing Rock Star
If your email list or digital strategy is still a "work in progress", THIS is the episode for YOU!

AMY PORTERFIELD is NOT broadcaster, but every smart media person can learn a LOT from her online marketing skills and approaches.

She authored one of those big yellow “Dummies” books all about Facebook and was named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. Then, Amy spent over 6 years working with Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, managing his content marketing team and major online campaigns.

Since the entire Brandwidth concept focuses on ways in which traditional media can and should be using ALL avenues of engagement, Amy shares lessons and observations from her mega-successes (…and some things she’s learned NOT to do!).

by David Martin

Take Action

To generate momentum, action-by-action is a more effective approach than step-by-step says Amy Porterfield. It’s wise counsel.

The most successful people I know share a few attributes no matter their profession. One of those traits is an bias for action. Until you take action, until you commit and squeeze the trigger, nothing happens. Too often there’s nothing going on but a lot of talk (ready, aim, ready, aim, ready, aim, aim, aim).

A careful study of the situation is important, developing and discussing options is essential however being decisive and taking action is what wins the day.

On the day job we use a simple framework.

What needs to be done?

How do we get it get done?

When do we take the action(s) required?

We’re blessed to work with some amazing people. It’s not unusual for us to see teams understanding what needs to be done and knowing how to do it, and somehow they’re failing to take action. I have been involved in some killer white board sessions after which…nothing happened.

This happens across all endeavors.

How many people know they need to lose weight and know how (diet & exercise) but fail to act?

Taking action is the powerful secret hiding in plain sight. It’s damn hard to do especially when the chances of failure are ever present. Never give up.

Gratuitous sports metaphor: Jordan and LBJ set scoring records because they also set records for scoring attempts.

Our counsel is learn how to fail faster to succeed sooner. Be bold. Take action!