Monday, June 5, 2017

#031: Make Mine Medium!
Chris Murphy
OM, Midwest Family Media, Springfield, IL

Chris Murphy
OM, Midwest Family/Springfield, IL

Don’t let his wicked sense of humor fool you. CHRIS MURPHY is as serious about creating winning radio -- as he is in making radio fun. And he’s in a medium market after winning in the majors, for quality of life and other reasons he shares.

Growing up in a “Radio Family”, Chris stayed in the business anyway. After on-air with a station roster that includes powerhouses like Magic 98 in Madison, WI, and KS-95/KSTP in the Twin Cities, Chris brings a major market attitude, while making a home ─ and career ─ in the medium market of Springfield, IL.

There he has served as morning host on a music station, anchor and host for a News/Talk station, Operations Manager for the entire cluster, and as this is being published an announcement is being prepared for his latest promotion!

Chris shares some of the skills required to move up the ranks at a good company, as well as some surprises he’s had along the way. He also shares some great tips for prioritizing duties when juggling a lot of different functions.

Show Prep #2

Show prep for performers.

Begin your prep for tomorrow’s show at the end of today’s show. What did you have planned for today’s show that didn’t make it to air? Will it still be relevant tomorrow?

Put it down on tomorrow’s prep sheet. Any new ideas come up during today’s show? Pro tip: put everything in writing. Use a one-page prep sheet to stay organized and focused.

When you’re not on stage (i.e., on the air) you need to be alert and aware of the world around you. Pay attention. Notice what’s happening. Put yourself into the mindset of your target audience. Stay open to suggestions and ideas. Make notes on your prep sheet.

Be smart about social media. Use it to stay in touch and tuned into what your audience is talking about. When you’re not on stage, listening and watching are more important than engaging. Engagement is a good thing but choose your moments and don’t allow engagement to be your only use of social. Strive for a passive/active balance which leans passive. Note what seems to be shared and mentioned most often. What’s trending? How can you use this on your show?

Today’s high five. Day of show, develop a list of the top five things your audience is or will be talking about today. One of your roles as a performer is companion. You have the important job of keeping your audience in touch with the things they need to know in order to navigate successfully in their social orbit. Make your listeners “feel” they know what’s up.

Start each show with a plan. A basic road map of what you’re planning to do every set of every hour. Place your top five into sets across your show. When repeating one of your five make it fresh, that is, deliver the same message in a totally different way. Keep in mind people are always tuning out and tuning in every set.

Trade secret: collect cool people. There are a bunch of cool people in your audience. They may or may not text, email, message, or call you but they’re out there listening. The most successful performers are constantly in the hunt, looking for ways to connect with these cool people. They’re the leaders of your pack. Cultivate the cool kids and find ways to make them feel special, make them the stars of your show.