Monday, June 26, 2017

Episode #034:
Skip Mahaffey: All Radio Needs is (K)Love
Morning Host, EFM's K-LOVE Stations

Skip Mahaffey
     Whenever you mention ‘great radio people’, invariably the name Skip Mahaffey comes up.

     After decades as a morning ratings magnet, his CMA and Billboard Award-Winning “Skip Show” has been dominent for decades, winning in markets from Tulsa to Phoenix, St. Louis to San Diego, Los Angeles, Tampa and Dallas.

Now Skip captains mornings on one of the most innovative plays in radio, EFM’s K-LOVE stations whose approach to ownership, quality programming and business model are changing both the complexion of branded audio content and the lives of listener's they serve.

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by David Martin

Announcer, DJ, Personality. Three of the audio talent types which we’ll focus on in this piece. We acknowledge there are others including voice actor, raconteur, host, interviewer, narrator, anchor, storyteller and reporter. All deserve respect.

Announcers are most often readers. They’re the professionals engaged to deliver the words of others. The highest paid in this group are the commercial voice over announcers.

DJs have played a role in radio since radio started playing records. Today the DJ involvement in music radio ranges from high profile to low key depending on the station, the format and the daypart. The highest paid “DJs” are not working on the air at all but in clubs and at events on the EDM circuit. They’re not voices or DJs in the traditional sense. Their skill set involves reading the crowd and mixing the music to create a moment. Calvin Harris was last year’s biggest earner at over $30 million. There are radio DJs that make a very good living working in markets of all sizes. Pro tip: DJs who also do other work (e.g., commercial voice over, imaging work, copy writing or become known as the go-to MC for local community events) do exceptionally well.

Personalities are the rarest breed of voices. They are the show, no matter their particular style. Whether they be crazy bigger-than-life characters or serious soft-spoken intellectuals, personalities connect with listeners and create a habit forming relationship. Personalities have the unique ability to become part of a listener’s daily routine, they become family. The highest paid personalities generally work in major markets however there are many working outside the majors.

One of the questions I often get from radio talent is “How do you get ahead and become successful in this industry today?” My response has remained the same over the years. First, hustle. Today is not a dress rehearsal, make something happen. Get serious about your craft and dedicate yourself to doing what it takes to reach your potential. Never give up. Get out there and connect, engage with others. You’re only as good as your network.

Let me add two more from Cubs manager Joe Maddon. Try not to suck. Do simple better.