Monday, July 3, 2017

Episode #035:

Chio in the Morning
Proves Perseverance Pays!

CHIO IN THE MORNING is a Philly radio legend, and proof positive that perseverance DOES pay off. He’s been part of winning stations LITERALLY from coast to coast (Z100/New York to KHTS and XHRM/San Diego). Through all of that, Chio is marking over 16 years hosting mornings in America’s 9th largest market, at stations like Q102, WIRED 96.5, and now at IHeart’s MIX 106-1.
There he starts Philly’s day with fun games and benchmark features like “Battle of the Sexes, “Truth or Trash” and “Chi-aoke”, his version of “karaoke” on the radio. He’s also known for helping local families in need with charities like the “Yo Cuz” foundation, “Big Brothers and Sisters of the Independence Region” the “Philadelphia Sunday Love Project” which helps feed the homeless.

Never shy about unveiling his personal life on the air, he is a proud Dad of four children, and recently got re-married to his ex-wife, live on local TV! 

By David Martin


Thanks to some incredible mentors my career and life have been changed for the better. Truth be told, I’ve been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time a great number of times.
Allow me to share a few lessons from one of those mentors. He was a musician turned band leader and concert promoter which is to say he was an entrepreneur. At the top of his game he left it all behind for a job in radio. Starting as a disc jockey he went on to become a successful bigger-than-life music radio personality. He was an original, a nonconformist, a great showman and my dad.

Have fun.

When leaving for work he was fond of saying “It’s time to go play radio.” Like many, I had a bedroom radio station growing up and enjoyed playing radio. Dad taught me a job wasn’t worth doing if you didn’t have fun. He truly did have fun playing radio. Many who worked with him later told me it was infectious.

People tune in to be entertained or informed.

He preached - when you crack the mic it’s showtime. No matter what kind of day you’re having or the week you’ve had the show must go on. The audience expects something added to their day, they expect a performance and you’re paid to deliver one. Be positive, cheerful and enthusiastic. Make a difference in their day.

Long after people have forgotten what you said they’ll remember how you made them feel.

He became known as a companion and he suggested it was an important role to play. He often said audio has a magic power to stir the emotions. Radio is a personal medium, use it to communicate and relate in a personal (i.e., one-on-one) way. Make listeners feel they made a good choice listening to you.

Understand it’s a business of shows.

As a guy who started his professional life singing for his supper he was always acutely sensitive to the business success of the show.  His advice was get involved; make meaningful and memorable contributions to the sales process. Go out of your way to create a killer commercial experience for the client, the listener and the sales person.