Monday, August 21, 2017

Episode #041:
Geo Cook, OM K104 & Smooth 105.7, Dallas

A REAL Urban Legend!

Geo Cook
K104, Dallas OM
When thinking about smart programming minds, one name that always comes up is GEO COOK.

Noted as one of the top pro’s in urban radio, he’s served as PD and Brand Manager for leading urban stations from Charleston to DC, from Pittsburgh to Dallas, where he’s been leading the legendary K104 brand since 2010.

 He later added OM duties for sister station Smooth 105.7.

In this episode, he divulges how he has guided K104 into the authentic, real-time relevant hip hop brand that continueds to be beloved by its listeners and fans in the DALLAS Metroplex.

He also shares his recipe for helping a heritage winner become even more dominant in its position by creating the most engaging content and listener experiences possible at every touch point.

Bonus Content:

Radio You Tube of the Week:

by Dave Martin


Community has never been more important and it’s never been easier to reach thanks to online platforms. For broadcasters main channel (OTA) content remains the primary communications approach to reach their community. As Kipper McGee says “Every radio station has a website but not every website has a radio station.” We can and should constantly create meaningful ways to connect with and serve our local community via on-air initiatives. But wait, there’s more…

Social media platforms provide another set of excellent communications channels. Using social media we can connect with listeners in ways which complement our on-air initiatives. Which platforms deserve your attention? The ones preferred by your audience. It’s a game of hunting where the ducks are. One of the intrinsic benefits of social is the ability to compartmentalize your participation. The station can have an account as can talent, and departments (e.g., promotions, sales). The counsel of Woody Allen comes to mind, to wit: “80 percent of success is showing up.” You need to have a presence. Moreover, you need to engage the audience. Pro tip: follow Lori Lewis on social. She delivers an exceptional and exemplary performance on social.

A bit of career advice. Invest some time in brushing up your LinkedIn profile. Like it or not, your LinkedIn profile will probably be one of the first things potential employers see when they perform the now perfunctory Google search about you. Most important are endorsements. Get them from present and past colleagues, superiors and subordinates. Nothing says it better than a strong testimonial. Others can say things about you that however true you just shouldn’t say about yourself.