Monday, August 28, 2017

Episode #042:
Jay Phillpot, KQRS/Minneapolis
You CAN Go Home Again!

Jay Philpot

Jay Philpot is living proof that radio people CAN go home again! 

After growing up the the radio mecca of Minneapolis/St. Paul, he hosted at then Emmis CHR, WLOL-FM. Then stops in with groups including Saga, Clear Channel and Hubbard in markets like Milwaukee, Norfolk, St. Louis, Dallas Baltimore and his national show on the WESTWOOD ONE NETWORK.

Now he’s back in his hometown, ‘stationed’ at the legendary KQ92, KQRS! For many years, Jay also gave back through his tireless efforts on behalf of the Conclave, and ‘wrote the book’ on the event for their 30th anniversary (see below), and continues to host and produce a podcast of the same name.

Among the very strong lessons he shares, Jay reveals the traits and skills most vital for radio professionals to rise to the top today and shares the best piece of advice a PD, manager or colleague ever gave him.

Importantly, after top jobs in strong markets ranging from Milwaukee, St. Louis, Dallas, Baltimore and now back to the Twin Cities, Jay explains how he connected with all those stations, and what made him stand out to earn each of those positions.

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See a unique take on the popular "War of the Roses" bit, as executed by San Diego's Jagger & Kristi!  (Note production values of the video. Not bad for radio types!)

by Dave Martin


“Perspective is worth ten IQ points,” so says the brilliant Gary Hamel. That’s spot-on counsel. We can all learn valuable lessons by being more aware of our environment. 

Let’s take the example of package goods, a hyper-competitive space. A trip to your local grocery store can illustrate the intensity of the battle space. Pick a category. Breakfast cereal, ice cream, detergent. Without discussing the visual merchandising related to end caps, shelf talkers or in-store coupons – give a careful look at the product, study the competitive packaging. A fortune is being invested in getting the look right. Space on the packaging is precious, every word and image counts. It’s not an accident that Haagen-Dazs, P&G and General Mills use the same three-letter word to get attention, create value. Decades of research and sales have proven that the word new possesses magical properties.

As a product, radio is in the unique position of being made fresh daily. Moreover, the expense related to changing the product can be minimal. The challenge is to refresh the product daily. Making each day fresh is the stuff of old fashioned hard work, imagination and relentless perseverance. There are no short-cuts in creating great radio. There are lessons to be learned from our best and brightest. Pro tip: harness the magic of new.

When the guys across the street are running morning show promos that feature the past – “Did you hear what Sparky & The Dudette said this morning?” – gain the edge by talking about your morning show’s tomorrow, the new. It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting a promo on the air just to get a promo on the air. The dull, routine, same-ol-same-ol promo not only wastes valuable airtime, it does nothing on the listener side of the radio. The hard part is creating a fresh promo that gets attention, strikes a chord, and influences behavior.

What’s new on your radio station? A new #1 song, a new feature, a new weekend talent, a new client? There’s always something new to celebrate. What needs to happen is for you to draw attention to the new. Let the audience in on what’s fresh. It’s not enough to simply do it, you need to let your audience know you’re doing it. Take a clue from HBO, Netflix, and the networks. Some of their most creative video production is dedicated to promoting the new.

Something about your brand should always be new and that new needs to be effectively promoted.

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