Sunday, November 26, 2017

Episode 048:
It's Not JUST "Only" Rock & Roll
and SLATS Likes It!

For many who work in rock radio, Cleveland
Slats "Just the Morning Guy"
is like mecca!

The home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and legendary rock radio stations, like WMMS where Slats worked earlier in his career. 

After serving at a number of great places like Nashville, Florida and other warmer climates, it was not the weather, but his love of Classic Rock and knowledge of the market that made him a natural choice for a return to Cleveland and WNCX

For on-air hosts, Slats discusses how the job of morning radio host is changing.  With all the emerging technology and new media outlets, he also shares some solid tips for handling that evolution.

For station managers, Slats offers some candid insights on what he looks for in determining a good program director or manager.

He’s been nominated for any number of industry awards and was named Billboard Magazine rock personality of the year and both rock personality of the year And air personality & music director of the year by FMQB

Plus, he's just a fun person -- which helps explain his success in radio.

Now his business card says “Just the Morning Guy” for 98.5 WNCX – Cleveland’s Classic Rock.

Bonus Content:


Today there’s something happening in your market that’s not happening anywhere else. 

As a performer or programmer your job is to notice what’s happening and find a creative way to put it on the radio. When the audience hears it whether they think “I knew that” or “I didn’t know that” or “That’s good to know” or “That’s interesting” or “What?” it’s the first step in being relatable and connecting.

Every market may have a McDonalds, a Subway or an Olive Garden, shared things that make markets seem almost the same. Almost. Each market also has those things which make it different than others. The star performers and great programmers understand the value of being aware of what’s happening out there on the listener side of the radio. Take notice of the obvious and bring it to the attention of the audience.

The legendary Boone and Erickson of WCCO shared some of their trade secrets with me. These were the keys to over four decades of incredible ratings success. One is notice what’s going on and talk about it. Roger Erickson put it this way: “Get the audience involved. One way involves a question…Did you see the clock at Pioneer Court? It’s stopped. Wonder what’s going on?” In this example it’s easy to imagine some people had already noticed the stopped clock, most had not and others driving by the clock that day taking time to notice it was, indeed, stopped. B&E had connected. Show after show they sparked conversations people later had at work, over lunch or after work. “Did you notice the clock at Pioneer Court is stopped? What’s up?”

Notice the things happening in your market and talk about it on the radio. Your listeners will come to believe they can count on you to notice things they may want or need to know. You’ll be connected. Staying that way builds the audience and the relationship.