Monday, December 11, 2017

Episode #049:
Karen Dalessandro - Making the Switch!

Ever have a radio station change their name for you?

That's exactly what 94.5 KTI Country did after revealing that Milwaukee country radio mainstay Karen Dalessandro was switching dial positions. Her new station is so happy to have her that they have renamed the station “94-5 KAREN COUNTRY” in a series of ads, including TV and outdoor.

Outdoor campain welcomes Karen!

Clearly, Karen is a modern-day renaissance pro. She’s done voice-over and on-camera work for advertising agencies, worked in theater and comedy improv, and was even a TV entertainment reporter for Milwaukee’s FOX-TV affiliate.

As longtime morning host at Milwaukee’s leading country radio station, she is now hosting afternoons on rival “KTI Country” and serving as WKTI Music Director.
In sharing her journey she offers some tips for deciding whether you're ready to lead a large market morning show, and importantly, what it takes to KEEP a show on top for almost two decades.

Having been in the enviable position of "hiring her next boss", Karen describes what are some of the traits (good and bad) which any talent should be aware of before signing on the line.

Karen's TV Spot

You Tube of the Week: Karen interviews Kelli Pickler

by David Martin


Never say never? There are exceptions to almost every rule and with good reason. Here are some exceptions to saying never.

There is never an excuse for bad manners.

Never confuse activity with progress.

Never lose money.

Never underestimate the competition.

Never give up.

Never hire anyone with a history of being unlucky.

Never stop learning.

Never forget the special days of others (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day)

Never be afraid to do what’s right.

Never look back.

Never assume anything.

Never lose hope.

You’re never too old to dream a new dream.