Monday, December 18, 2017

Episode #50:
Chicago Rock Radio Renegade

Mitch Michaels has been on the air in the Chicago market for several decades, and worked at just about every rock station in town! He is perhaps best known for helping start WXRT-FM, and for his work at WKQX-FM, “The Loop” WLUP-FM, WCKG-FM, and others.

He is currently ‘Doin’ the Cruise” from 3p-7p at 95.9 “The
River” WERV-FM
in suburban Chicago, and has recently released a book of the same name: “Doin’ the Cruise: Memories From A Lifetime in Radio and Rock & Roll".

With his longstanding run in the same major market, Mitch digs into how his job has evolved and reveals the ONE THING he feels is most important today for ANY on-air talent to remain relevant tomorrow. His insights might surprise you.

Smart Radio YouTube:

All it takes is a little initiative and imagination to create an engaging micro-targeted memory for members of your audience. Previous podguest Jeff McCarthy (SVP/P of Midwest Communications) shows how a quick visit (lead by WIXX, Green Bay PD Corey Carter) can both create goodwill and revenue while creating buzz in a station hot zip code.

by David Martin


Size matters when the objective is effective messaging. Whether it’s your rap in a set, a promo, a one-liner, or a tweet, bite-size is the right size. Ask yourself “What do I want the audience to understand? What’s the message?”

“News you can dance to” was the way radio news ace Jo Interrante described what her team delivered on music stations. Putting it another way, Jo’s advice was “Tell Mom about it.” How would you break down the news story, what would it sound like, if you were telling your Mom about it. It boils down to headline news delivered in plain, simple, and easy to understand English. The dated pop culture version would be Joe Friday’s “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

In the last century, great programmers including Buzz Bennett preached “One thought per set.” Clear and concise. Get to the point. Perhaps the greatest lesson the late great Buzzy gave us was connecting with the street. The language you find out there, the way people really talk, is essential in crafting effective messages. Always use target listener vocabulary. To relate, sound like your audience.

Pro tip: The best delivery is conversational, the one-on-one style of communication. Remember, you’re talking to one person. You’ve got to hit the responsive chord on the listener side of the radio.