Monday, January 1, 2018

Radio Resolutions for 2018

The new year brings a time for reflection, critical review and planning for the next chapter.

This year, the “RADIO RESOLUTIONS” collection offers a cross-section of experiences, insights and inspiration from top air talent, programmers, and media thought leaders ─ designed to help you create the best 2018 possible.

These are some of the people who share tips that have made them wildly successful, and can help YOU do the same!  (Approximate podcast times for each guest are indicated for easy reference.)

    Chio in the Morning – Mix 106.1, Philadelphia (hear at 3:23)

    Cadillac Jack – Kicks 101.5, Atlanta (8:56)

    Geo Cook ─ K104/Smooth 105.7, Dallas 

    LaDona Harvey ─ KOGO, San Diego 

    Fred Jacobs & Steve Goldstein ─ Sonic AI 

    Slats in the Morning ─ WNCX, Cleveland 

    Kelly Ford ─ NASH-FM 

    Jason Cage ─ Mix 96.5, Houston 

    John Records Landecker ─National Radio Hall of Famer 

by David Martin


Winning starts with getting culture right. Culture drives everything in the enterprise. Culture sets the tone for winning, encourages great performances and serves as the critically important guard rails needed to keep everyone focused, on the same page moving forward.

There are three “moving parts” which require ongoing attention. Three different relationships which must be mastered to ensure sustainable success. The broadcast ecosystem includes audience, advertisers and most importantly associates. Why, when and how associates interact with each other, with the audience and with the advertisers is at the heart of culture. Why are we here? How do we create value? How are we different? What matters?

Back in the day we called this the “work environment.” Every station, cluster, and group had an operating philosophy, vision or style which represented the rules of the road, a set of shared expectations. Whether in writing or not these expectations became the working standards for what was acceptable or not. In too many cases, however, the written version was some jargon-filled mission statement rather than a practical guide for how business was to be done and what was important.

In 2018 let’s put culture first. Let’s agree nothing happens without associates dedicated to doing their best work, excited about coming to work. The most successful operations by almost every measure are those which put associates first. When every associate is treated as talent, respected as an individual, recognized for their efforts and contribution, amazing things happen. When every associate understands the goals and objectives of the enterprise (the why, the what and the when) magic occurs. If you take care of the people who take care of the audience and the advertisers everything works.