Monday, January 8, 2018

Episode #052:
Video MADE This Radio Star

Martha Quinn is perhaps most famous for being one of the original veejays on MTV but like so many of us, she started in college radio including the ‘radio station with a college attached’ at WNYU, New York. However, NOT everyone gets lead roles in TV commercials for clients like McDonald's, Country Time Lemonade, Campbell's Soup and others. 

Rolling Stone magazine readers voted her "MTV's Best-Ever VJ," and Allure Magazine, referred to the 80s decade as "the Martha Quinn years".  She even lent her name, face and voice to The '80s Game with Martha Quinn, a PC trivia game!  

She later joined Sirius Satellite Radio which merged with XM, the channel was rebranded as The 80s on 8, and she joins other original MTV VJs in hosting programs for The 80s on 8.  

Since last summer, Bay Area listeners can get their 80’s fix on KOSF, which became the market's first all-'80s radio station last summer as I Heart the 80’s @ 103.7.

Martha continues to have a great run, seizing opportunities to ‘do it all’, from TV and film to satellite and local radio…and even raising a family in the process!  She shares some keys to that success, and tells us some of HER role models!

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Martha's rockin' the video (now and then!)

by Dave Martin


During your journey be kind and help others. Never underestimate the power of lending a hand or giving a word of encouragement. We can all benefit from an unconditional assist. Sometimes just the confirmation that we’re on the right path can be the nudge needed to keep someone in the game. Storied careers are filled with occasions of important course corrections which came from a suggestion or candid comment.

Truth be known, none of us is as smart as all of us. Moreover, we each bring a somewhat different perspective to every situation. At times we can be so deep into a pursuit that we lose context. It’s possible to get too deep to the point you are no longer able to see the forest or the trees but only the bark. These are the times we are able to make progress by getting the advantage of fresh eyes (or ears). Seek input from others and always remember we get what we give.