Monday, January 15, 2018

Episode #053
Miami's NEW Sound Machines!
Director of Branding and Programming Jill Strada

The career of Jill Strada has epitomized success programming today’s hit music radio.

Starting as an intern at COX/Orlando, her passion, positivity, and skills as a fast learner lead to her rapid advancement to Director of Marketing and Promotions for the cluster’s 95.3 Party. Later, as acting PD, she oversaw the format evolution to POWER 95.3, taking the station to #1! 

New York was next, where she joined Emmis Communications as APD of Hot 97, and later PD of sister station WRKS, 98-7 KISS-FM.  From there, more POWER as PD of POWER 96 in Miami before heading to Boston and Greater Media startup HOT 96.9

Now she’s back in Miami and with COX, as Director of Branding and Programming for HITS 97.3 and 99 JAMZJill is continually proving there IS something new under the sun, and lucky for us, she shares some of it here!


by Dave Martin


Repetition is learning. It’s one of the secrets in staging effective communications. Once you’ve crafted the right message it needs to be delivered the right number of times. Fortunately, in this case, broadcast allows you to engage science to advance your art.

Back in the day, Jim Yergin, head of research for a broadcasting company, developed a concept we know as reach and frequency. Jim was the first to suggest a commercial message needed to reach a percentage of the audience a number of times before it became effective. As a practical matter, this is why tunes connect with the audience and become hits but only over time. An old rule of thumb applies. When the staff is sick of hearing it the tune is just beginning to be noticed by the audience.

The resources you need are available via your ratings software. Ask a sales manager for help. Find out how many times a week you need to run your message for it to reach 60% of your audience 3 or 4 times.

Pro tip: Create two different approaches, two different pieces of copy or content, to communicate the same message. Run only one at a time using the other to refresh the messaging once your reach and frequency goal is achieved. Repeat.