Monday, January 22, 2018

Episode #054

Keith Hill - The UNconsultant

Keith Hill, The UnConsultant, has been successfully helping radio stations raise their ratings since 1992 when he teamed up with the iconic Moon Mullins in Nashville as a consultant specializing in the Country format.

Perhaps most famously, Keith is recognized as the "Worlds Leading Authority on Music Scheduling", proving advanced coaching for services ranging like Musicmaster and others.

Prior to a successful string of programming operations positions, Keith also was an air personality at the Legendary WFIL, Philadelphia as well as WXTU, Philadelphia and WYNY, New York.

When asked what “UnConsultant” means, Keith replies, “I do it differently. I look at radio stations holistically, and all advice is custom. I never offer cookie cutter advice.”  His client stations are consistent winners, frequently attaining the number one position in their market under his guidance.


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Radio YOU TUBE of the Week:

Chicagoland radio GM Matt Dubiel talks with Alex Jones about having his station 'mysteriously' taken off the air.

by David Martin


Here’s a secret to getting more done. Schedule your day or your day will schedule you. Learn to recognize the difference between the urgent and the important. Discipline offers an extraordinary ROI. Focus is critical and staying focused, consistently, requires discipline.

The counterintuitive solution is to under-schedule your day. Block out time to deal with messaging (email, texts, voicemail, return calls, et al), recurring scheduled appointments and other daily workflow. The objective is to free up time for the unexpected press of daily affairs while dedicating time to getting mission critical work done.

The most important thing deserving a block of regularly scheduled time is thinking. Having time dedicated to staring out the window, meditating or just taking yourself off the grid to think will dramatically improve your performance.

End each day creating tomorrow’s to-do list. Begin each day reviewing your list and blocking out a schedule, a timeline by task/activity.

Pro tip: Know where your time goes.