Sunday, February 18, 2018

Episode #058:
Avoiding the "CLICKSAND" Trap
Bill Troy, Author/CEO
Troy Research & Civilis Marketing

Bill Troy is a longtime radio vet who also works extensively in the online marketing world. This time he shares insights from his new book, Clicksand, and shares what his findings can mean for YOUR career.

After successful stints programming and managing radio brands, he founded TroyResearch, the first online market research firm for the broadcast industry.  As they created a worldwide footprint, next came global consumer brands like Sony, Disney, Nestle and Enterprise

Six years ago, Bill started a second company, Civilis Marketing, which helps companies build business relationships using today’s online marketing tools. 

This experience has led him to write a book that is challenging many ‘first generation” online marketers, including companies like Google. His new book Clicksand reveals insights he’s uncovered, and today, Bill’s crusade these days is to help brands, including radio stations and hosts avoid or escape the Clicksand trap, so they can compete and WIN in our evolving mediascape.

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