Sunday, February 25, 2018

Episode #059
Radio's New Awakening
SHERI LYNCH, The Bob & Sheri Show

So what’s it like to be part of America’s fastest-growing morning team? 

“It’s kind of like a marriage,” Bob Lacey says, 
describing his quarter-century-long relationship 
with Sheri Lynch, “but without the sex.”

“Which has been a source of grief for me 
since Day One,” Sheri chimes in, sarcastically.

Bob reconsiders: “Actually, it’s exactly like a marriage.”

The Bob & Sheri Show started back when current flagship WLNK, Charlotte was WBT-FM “Sunny 107.9”. Lacey – already a local talk-radio and TV veteran – was hosting the morning show and the higher-ups decided they wanted to pair him with a female co-host.

One morning, local TV station WBTV sent Sheri – then a marketing department employee who’d been applying to graduate schools – to make an announcement about a programming change at the TV station.

Bob asked Sheri, out of the blue, if he could put her on the air. She killed. He asked if she would come back the next day. She killed again. She was bitingly funny, brutally honest, and even though she’d just met him, she didn’t back down when Lacey tried to mess with her a little.

“I went to the management and I said, ‘This is the person that I want,’ ” Bob recalls. “And they said, ‘No way. She’s inexperienced.’ ” He argued, but they wouldn’t budge.
“So I said, ‘OK,’ and I went across the street to another station, cut a deal with them, came back, and said, ‘I’ve cut a deal across the street. You take her, or I leave.’ And they said, ‘Alright.’ ”

But the negotiation wasn’t over yet.

“If you want me to do the job," Sheri recalls thinking, “and if you want me to do half the work – I mean, you’re not telling me that I get to phone it in – you’re gonna have to pay me the equally.” After much hand-wringing, management gave in.

One year later, that boss was gone, and the Gracie Awards named her the top female radio personality in America. Sheri has since won four more Gracies, most recently in 2016. “So,” Bob deadpans, “I’m a genius.”

As you’ll hear in the samples below, it’s their chemistry that has helped put them on affiliate stations across the country.

And they’ve embraced openness with listeners as much as laughter. Lynch’s dysfunctional-family stories of being raised in poverty by a father who was “a scrappy little gangster meth cook” are legendary, and Lacey calls publicly sharing the pain of losing two adult sons in just 14 months “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

“When I took this job, it was a lark,” Sheri says. “I thought it would last about six months, I’d get fired, and I’d have a great story to tell. I never thought in a million years that this would be a career. I mean, I grew up in northwestern Wyoming without (radio or TV).

“So when people ask me what radio is for me, I want you to imagine going out on a Tinder date with someone that looks really shady – then you wake up one day and you’re married with kids, and this is the love of your life.”

Luckily for her audience -- and the industry -- her heart remains in radio.

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