Sunday, October 14, 2018

#082: Paul Castronovo, Big 105.9/Miami

Miami radio’s Paul Castronovo IS Florida. He co-hosted “the Paul and Young Ron Show” in South Florida for almost 3 decades on stations including WSHE, 94.9 Zeta and most recently Big 105.9. Then one day, Young Ron decided to retire and the radio empire became The Paul Castronovo show. 

Still the same lunacy, but with a new crew backing him up. While Paul was born in Brooklyn he’s a U of Flordia grad, a rabid Gator fan, and you will most likely find him fishing on weekends. 

He's also president of Castronovo Vineyards, as well as a husband and a dad. He’s a family guy, an Italian guy, and he likes the camaraderie that this combination brings to radio.