Sunday, December 18, 2016

Episode #015:
Chuck DuCoty, COO NRG Media
"The View From The Top"

Chuck DuCoty
If you agree that winning radio starts with having the right people on the team, you’ll really want to hear what NRG Media COO Chuck DuCoty has to say. Especially as he DEFINES what it takes to BE one of the ‘right people’!

Teamed with NRG Media founder and CEO Mary Quass for the past 10 years, Chuck shares a candid “view from the top” including advise for mapping a strong career path in media today, as well as what it takes to make yourself INDISPENSABLE in our rapidly evolving mediascape.

We also explore Chuck’s views on something that worked so well, we as an industry stopped doing it. His insights may surprise you!

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Expanded Play Audio:

by David Martin


The most successful people are different. They develop work habits which provide them with a competitive edge. They understand it’s not enough to just work harder, they know the challenge is to also work smarter.

Working smart involves focus, discipline and planning. Paul Drew, the legendary programming ace, often said “Planning delivers the best return on investment of any activity.” He was famous for carefully planning ahead. Drew did his homework, making the time to seriously think about the future. In June he designed what his stations would be doing the week of Christmas so when December came around all he had to do was “fine tune” his incredible plan.

As a practical matter, part of effective planning means staying ahead of the predictable. Example: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day all happen at the same time every year. You can and should plan for these big events way ahead. The objective is to buy time. Time to think, research, collaborate and develop killer ideas without the pressure of trying to create an event from scratch in a few weeks or days before it needs to happen.

Planning ahead will not only result in much stronger programming and more epic events, it will also free you up to think about and exploit things that happen which are simply unpredictable. Being able to react on the fly and create great topical radio is one of the benefits you’ll enjoy by planning ahead for the predictable. Becoming a master of “targets of opportunity” requires you to have time to create in the moment. Owning the topical helps to put spin on the ball, putting you and your stations further ahead of the pack.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Episode #014:
Valerie Geller - Creating Powerful Radio

If you haven’t encountered the insights of Valerie Geller on the changing mediascape, you’re in for a treat!

If you HAVE had the chance to see her, or the great good fortune of working with her one-on-one, this episode will serve as a GREAT ‘booster shot’ for YOU to Create Powerful Radio.

This highly regarded multi-format coach serves as president of Geller Media International, a broadcast consulting firm working with news, talk, information and personality programming for radio and TV throughout the world.

Valerie coaches talent, leads "Creating Powerful Communicators" workshops and seminars, and has helped people at more than 500 stations in 31 countries develop and grow their audiences by training communicators to work more effectively.

In this episode, Valerie reveals the three building blocks of Powerful Radio, and offers examples that YOU can put to work immediately to gain competitive advantage. Even more insights and examples can be heard in the EXPANDED PLAY (below).

(BTW, to get a glimpse of Powerful Media in action,
check out the AUDIBLE verstionof her latest book. 
The people being quoted are heard in their own voices. 
And that's just ONE example!)

Lifetime Learning

Not to be confused with female targeted cable TV, lifetime learning is an attitude, a mindset of being dedicated to continuous self-improvement. The most successful performers and programmers share some common attributes. One of these is an ongoing curiosity for and interest in their craft.

Be a student of the business. Good artists copy, great artists steal, so said Pablo Picasso. Invest the time and get the book on your format. Here’s the weekly homework assignment: What are leading stations and performers in your format doing which sets them apart? What are the leading stations and performers doing this week which you can steal and adopt to your market?

Build your network of contacts. Get to know the winners, the players in your format and any other format of interest to you. Social networks especially LinkedIn are good channels for initial research and contact. The object of the exercise is to grow your network and get involved in conversations about your shared craft.

You get what you give. Offer to share lessons learned including your best ideas. Helping others yields an exceptional ROI.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Episode #013:
Guest Steve Goldstein, Amplifi Media

Steve Goldstein
Steve Goldstein is recognized as a thought leader in audio programming, marketing and management. His track record of success spans virtually every major radio format for some of the nation's top broadcasting companies.

Steve has created and developed numerous successful radio brands and nurtured and advanced local and national talent. 

After holding on-air positions at several local radio stations, The NBC Radio Network(Affiliate Relations Manager), and The ABC Radio Network (News Anchor), Steven was a co-founding partner in Saga Communications, serving as Executive Vice President and Group Program Director from the company's formation in 1986 until 2015. 

Steven's well-regarded programming acumen and strategies helped to propel Saga, which now trades on the NYSE, to its current position.

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Steven was one of the first to recognize the power of geo-targeting on the internet. In 1998, he co-founded Fastblast, LLC, a company that specialized in the development of interactive marketing strategies for clients in local markets which included seven major broadcast companies as well as

In this episode, Steve shares some important insights on the changing mediascape, and offers solid tips on how YOU can prepare now for a more successful future.

Some of Steve's recommended podcasts:

This Goldstein-consulted mix of unique content
with a fresh take, delivering about 80,000 downloads.
Compare to YOUR station AQH!

Steve recommends this 'sleeper podcast'

from former ABC News anchor Richard Davies

(Click links to:)


One-minute Martinizing: 

Your Sizzle Reel

Back in the day we called them demo reels, station or show composites. The idea was to capture the essence of performance(s) by a demonstration lasting no more than three to five minutes. Today Sizzle Reels are an important tool which you should be using to communicate value.

Performers. Demonstrate your best work. Whether it’s a memorable bit involving a listener, a killer promo you voiced, a commercial you wrote or produced, a live read that generated great response for a client. Every successful voice actor has a killer reel.

Shows. Single performer or ensemble cast, showcase what makes the show unique. A running benchmark bit or feature, representative sets which give a “feel” for what’s special about the show.

Stations. Many of the most successful stations and clusters use Sizzle Reels to tell their story. Position, compare and contrast your operation giving the context of your market. These are especially important in communicating value outside the market (e.g., national sales and show/tour promoters).

Creative Services. From award winning commercials and promos to examples of original music or variety in available voice styles, highlight the depth and diversity of your creative capabilities.

Your Sizzle Reel should serve to promote your best work. Your reel should wow and impress. Most important – keep your reel updated. Keep raising the bar, adding something stronger and taking off the least impressive.

​Pro tip: You've got a winner if and when your sales department loves and shares your reel with clients and prospects.