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Episode 43:
A Radio Hall of Famer Speaks Out!

John Records Landecker is a bona fide radio star, soon to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He’s perhaps best know for his trademark saying "Records Truly is My Middle Name” also the name of his book ─ now entering it’s second printing with an updated “Hall of Fame” edition.

Starting in small market Michigan radio, he quickly ascended to major markets like Philly and Chicago, where for years he held court at the legendary “Big 89, WLS(or as he put it, “the ENORMOUS but not too gaudy 89”). There he was part of a lineup that included such radio luminaries as Larry Lujack, Tommy Edwards, Fred Winston, and Dick Biondi to name just a few. John is also famous for benchmark bits like “Boogie Check”, “Americana Panorama” and “Press My Conference”. 

Next came stints at other Chicago stations including WJMK, Magic 104.7 and his nationally syndicated weekend show "Into the Seventies”. All this was followed by a return to WLS, both on AM and FM in the 2000’s, and numerous guest and guest hosting slots as recently as last month. He’s still going strong today with a show on his local hometown station WEFM, as he puts it 'just for fun'!

In this episode, we’re treated to some strong insights from a Hall of Famer who has been to the mountaintop – and is not afraid to speak out on what he saw! (Check out the ‘Extended Play” for even more uncensored comments. Hey…who’s gonna fire him now?)




WLS Rewind '08: John Records Landecker and former colleagues REUNITED!

(YouTube video compliments of Art Vuolo, "Radio's Best Friend".  More like it HERE!)

John Records Landecker - WLS 1977

By Dave Martin


We are each blessed with the same 24 hours every day. How we use those hours is what separates us. I have great respect for those who commit the majority of their attention, energy and passion in their day job. Building a career and the related financial security to enjoy a good life is important. Among my friends are a number of accomplished one trick ponies. My career has taken the more scenic route involving the side hustle.

On my way to learning about consumer behavior I came upon the field of education, specifically the theories and practices related to adult learning. Being a marketing guy I’m interested in how to change behaviors and that starts with creating, delivering an effective message. As it happens, how messages are processed involves cognition and learning. Fast forward. I became a serious student of adult learning and a certified trainer. The time and expense paid off bigtime because it made my side hustle – speaking – a productive part of my career. Once I understood how adult learning works my success as a speaker took off because I became a much more effective (and popular) speaker.

My point is, outside of the day job, there’s something that you’re interested in, something you are truly passionate about and it may deserve to be your side hustle. Several of my friends and colleagues have invested time and money in developing a solid side hustle. A few have gone on to retire from the day job and now work full-time in the business they built on the side. I understand this is not for everyone. The daily press of affairs can be such that there is little time for much after a long day at work. Cue the balanced life argument. Let me state the theory of my case.

Life is too long to work for boneheaded hacks. You need a day job where you and your work are appreciated and respected, a job where you can make a difference. You must also enjoy yourself and able to delight loved ones daily. Now is the time to think and plan knowing you will reach the point where you have more summer days behind you than ahead. No regrets. Don’t be one of those woulda, coulda, shoulda guys. There’s nothing wrong with doing something you love which also happens to supplement your income/savings. There’s everything smart about being ready for the day you say goodbye to the day job. Maybe you’ll just retire and be done with work but it’s smarter to have options. Invest in yourself by investing in what’s possible today and in your future.

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