Monday, October 30, 2017

#044: Season II Kickoff:
The Best of Morning Show Boot Camp

Each year, one of the best conferences for radio performance artists and those who work with them is the MORNING SHOW BOOT CAMP.

As we kick off Season II of Brandwidth On Demand, it seemed appropriate to share some highlights of MSBC 29.

While there's no way to do full justice to a multi-day event in just 30 minutes, we hope you'll find some nuggets of wisdom that will help YOU create great RADIO!  

From Tracy Johnson's insights on reaching millennials, to Scott Shannon's interview with Hubbard's Ginny Morris, there's a lot to learn!

And of course, the annual "BATTLE OF THE BITS" gives everyone a chance to strut their best stuff -- and win their share of $1000 cash!

If you like what you're hearing and would like to be part of this event in Chicago, just click the button below.

YouTube Radio VIDEO OF THE WEEK - 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles

by David Martin


One of the advantages which the most successful shows and stations share is the ability to sense what’s happening on the listener-side of the radio. The listener’s side is where all the action happens. The audience decides if, when and where to turn your show/station on and off. The audience decides, in diary markets, to write down your name, the name of your show or your call letters or not. Bottom-line, the listeners decide – by their actions – if you’re successful or not.

In PPM markets the objective is to get into the places, the occasions where/when listeners access audio. In diary markets the goal is to get into their mind, to encourage listeners to remember and recall the name of your show, your dial position or call letters.

The real-time nature of radio provides the ability for you to put yourself into listener-side situations. Whether it’s an in-vehicle, at work or at home occasion you can and should put yourself into the situation and experience it. Getting into the mindset of listeners will help you to better understand listener wants and needs. Listening in the moment will also allow you to jump between stations creating a real-world AB test.

Programmers should set aside – at least - one day every quarter to listen critically, without distractions. For best results take the day off, that is, don’t go into the station and let the staff know you’re not available. If needed say you’re taking a vacation day. The best day for critically listening is Friday. You want to hear what your station and the market sounds like when fully sold.

Performers should also set aside one day every quarter to listen critically during the time of their show. In my experience trading a day off the air for performers in exchange for a written report on the performer’s observations about the market offers an excellent ROI. The performer gets to hear their competition and the market. The programmer gets another perspective on the market, a listen from “fresh” non-PD ears.

Pro-tip: Programmers should assign performers a single competitor to listen to for one week. The idea is they become exclusive cume to one station for the week, listening whenever they normally listen to radio but only to the one station and no others. Provide performers with a one-sheet scorecard which will ask them to rate the station on various attributes (e.g., topical content, local content, cross-promotion, contesting). Ask performers to compare your station with the competitor. What do they do better than we do? What do we do better than they do? How? Why?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Binge, anyone?

The second season of BRANDWIDTH ON DEMAND kicks off 
the week of October 23, with some of the biggest names in radio, as we bring you an exclusive "Best of Morning Show Boot Camp" edition.

Until then, during our hiatus, it has been suggested that this could be a good time to catch up on any episodes you may have missed.  

Season I episodes are all available by clicking on the "Previous Episodes" links at right of this page.  (A number of these episodes offer "Freemiums", which are still available -- unless otherwise noted. Be sure to get your FREE goodies!)

Here are some segments that might be especially valuable to your continued success, as together we team up to "REIMAGINE RADIO"!

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Superior Performance & Job Security

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Thanks for a great first season!