Monday, January 29, 2018

Episode #55
Bruce Gilbert, SVP Sports
Cumulus Radio, Westwood One, CBS Radio Sports

You may not know the name Bruce Gilbert. But the chances are you’ve heard his work, or someone following his lead!

A longtime top programmer, Bruce is perhaps best known for becoming an early and prominent practitioner of the modern Sports/Talk format at “The Ticket” in Dallas.  

hen after stints as CEO of DC based Red Zebra Broadcasting and GM of ESPN Radio followed by a similar position at FOX SPORTS RADIO. Now he’s SVP/Sports for Cumulus where he oversees Westwood One and CBS Sports Radio, and advises the group’s 50+ all-sports stations.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Episode #054

Keith Hill - The UNconsultant

Keith Hill, The UnConsultant, has been successfully helping radio stations raise their ratings since 1992 when he teamed up with the iconic Moon Mullins in Nashville as a consultant specializing in the Country format.

Perhaps most famously, Keith is recognized as the "Worlds Leading Authority on Music Scheduling", proving advanced coaching for services ranging like Musicmaster and others.

Prior to a successful string of programming operations positions, Keith also was an air personality at the Legendary WFIL, Philadelphia as well as WXTU, Philadelphia and WYNY, New York.

When asked what “UnConsultant” means, Keith replies, “I do it differently. I look at radio stations holistically, and all advice is custom. I never offer cookie cutter advice.”  His client stations are consistent winners, frequently attaining the number one position in their market under his guidance.


Expanded Play:

Radio YOU TUBE of the Week:

Chicagoland radio GM Matt Dubiel talks with Alex Jones about having his station 'mysteriously' taken off the air.

by David Martin


Here’s a secret to getting more done. Schedule your day or your day will schedule you. Learn to recognize the difference between the urgent and the important. Discipline offers an extraordinary ROI. Focus is critical and staying focused, consistently, requires discipline.

The counterintuitive solution is to under-schedule your day. Block out time to deal with messaging (email, texts, voicemail, return calls, et al), recurring scheduled appointments and other daily workflow. The objective is to free up time for the unexpected press of daily affairs while dedicating time to getting mission critical work done.

The most important thing deserving a block of regularly scheduled time is thinking. Having time dedicated to staring out the window, meditating or just taking yourself off the grid to think will dramatically improve your performance.

End each day creating tomorrow’s to-do list. Begin each day reviewing your list and blocking out a schedule, a timeline by task/activity.

Pro tip: Know where your time goes.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Episode #053
Miami's NEW Sound Machines!
Director of Branding and Programming Jill Strada

The career of Jill Strada has epitomized success programming today’s hit music radio.

Starting as an intern at COX/Orlando, her passion, positivity, and skills as a fast learner lead to her rapid advancement to Director of Marketing and Promotions for the cluster’s 95.3 Party. Later, as acting PD, she oversaw the format evolution to POWER 95.3, taking the station to #1! 

New York was next, where she joined Emmis Communications as APD of Hot 97, and later PD of sister station WRKS, 98-7 KISS-FM.  From there, more POWER as PD of POWER 96 in Miami before heading to Boston and Greater Media startup HOT 96.9

Now she’s back in Miami and with COX, as Director of Branding and Programming for HITS 97.3 and 99 JAMZJill is continually proving there IS something new under the sun, and lucky for us, she shares some of it here!


by Dave Martin


Repetition is learning. It’s one of the secrets in staging effective communications. Once you’ve crafted the right message it needs to be delivered the right number of times. Fortunately, in this case, broadcast allows you to engage science to advance your art.

Back in the day, Jim Yergin, head of research for a broadcasting company, developed a concept we know as reach and frequency. Jim was the first to suggest a commercial message needed to reach a percentage of the audience a number of times before it became effective. As a practical matter, this is why tunes connect with the audience and become hits but only over time. An old rule of thumb applies. When the staff is sick of hearing it the tune is just beginning to be noticed by the audience.

The resources you need are available via your ratings software. Ask a sales manager for help. Find out how many times a week you need to run your message for it to reach 60% of your audience 3 or 4 times.

Pro tip: Create two different approaches, two different pieces of copy or content, to communicate the same message. Run only one at a time using the other to refresh the messaging once your reach and frequency goal is achieved. Repeat.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Episode #052:
Video MADE This Radio Star

Martha Quinn is perhaps most famous for being one of the original veejays on MTV but like so many of us, she started in college radio including the ‘radio station with a college attached’ at WNYU, New York. However, NOT everyone gets lead roles in TV commercials for clients like McDonald's, Country Time Lemonade, Campbell's Soup and others. 

Rolling Stone magazine readers voted her "MTV's Best-Ever VJ," and Allure Magazine, referred to the 80s decade as "the Martha Quinn years".  She even lent her name, face and voice to The '80s Game with Martha Quinn, a PC trivia game!  

She later joined Sirius Satellite Radio which merged with XM, the channel was rebranded as The 80s on 8, and she joins other original MTV VJs in hosting programs for The 80s on 8.  

Since last summer, Bay Area listeners can get their 80’s fix on KOSF, which became the market's first all-'80s radio station last summer as I Heart the 80’s @ 103.7.

Martha continues to have a great run, seizing opportunities to ‘do it all’, from TV and film to satellite and local radio…and even raising a family in the process!  She shares some keys to that success, and tells us some of HER role models!

Check out Martha's podcast!

Martha's rockin' the video (now and then!)

by Dave Martin


During your journey be kind and help others. Never underestimate the power of lending a hand or giving a word of encouragement. We can all benefit from an unconditional assist. Sometimes just the confirmation that we’re on the right path can be the nudge needed to keep someone in the game. Storied careers are filled with occasions of important course corrections which came from a suggestion or candid comment.

Truth be known, none of us is as smart as all of us. Moreover, we each bring a somewhat different perspective to every situation. At times we can be so deep into a pursuit that we lose context. It’s possible to get too deep to the point you are no longer able to see the forest or the trees but only the bark. These are the times we are able to make progress by getting the advantage of fresh eyes (or ears). Seek input from others and always remember we get what we give.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Radio Resolutions for 2018

The new year brings a time for reflection, critical review and planning for the next chapter.

This year, the “RADIO RESOLUTIONS” collection offers a cross-section of experiences, insights and inspiration from top air talent, programmers, and media thought leaders ─ designed to help you create the best 2018 possible.

These are some of the people who share tips that have made them wildly successful, and can help YOU do the same!  (Approximate podcast times for each guest are indicated for easy reference.)

    Chio in the Morning – Mix 106.1, Philadelphia (hear at 3:23)

    Cadillac Jack – Kicks 101.5, Atlanta (8:56)

    Geo Cook ─ K104/Smooth 105.7, Dallas 

    LaDona Harvey ─ KOGO, San Diego 

    Fred Jacobs & Steve Goldstein ─ Sonic AI 

    Slats in the Morning ─ WNCX, Cleveland 

    Kelly Ford ─ NASH-FM 

    Jason Cage ─ Mix 96.5, Houston 

    John Records Landecker ─National Radio Hall of Famer 

by David Martin


Winning starts with getting culture right. Culture drives everything in the enterprise. Culture sets the tone for winning, encourages great performances and serves as the critically important guard rails needed to keep everyone focused, on the same page moving forward.

There are three “moving parts” which require ongoing attention. Three different relationships which must be mastered to ensure sustainable success. The broadcast ecosystem includes audience, advertisers and most importantly associates. Why, when and how associates interact with each other, with the audience and with the advertisers is at the heart of culture. Why are we here? How do we create value? How are we different? What matters?

Back in the day we called this the “work environment.” Every station, cluster, and group had an operating philosophy, vision or style which represented the rules of the road, a set of shared expectations. Whether in writing or not these expectations became the working standards for what was acceptable or not. In too many cases, however, the written version was some jargon-filled mission statement rather than a practical guide for how business was to be done and what was important.

In 2018 let’s put culture first. Let’s agree nothing happens without associates dedicated to doing their best work, excited about coming to work. The most successful operations by almost every measure are those which put associates first. When every associate is treated as talent, respected as an individual, recognized for their efforts and contribution, amazing things happen. When every associate understands the goals and objectives of the enterprise (the why, the what and the when) magic occurs. If you take care of the people who take care of the audience and the advertisers everything works.