Sunday, April 22, 2018

Episode #65

You have, no doubt, seen the name Perry Michael Simon many times. He writes a LOT!

As Vice-President and Editor of News-Talk-Sports and Podcasting for, Perry writes comprehensive daily media news coverage and other pieces that appeared at various sites, including BBCAmerica.comHe also covers major conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show, radio Boot Camps, Conclave the recent NAB and many others. 

After serving as PD for such notable radio stations as Jersey 101.5 and KLSX, Los Angeles.  Perry has also been a leader in podcasting, having as Director of Programming for Nerdist Podcast Network and editor of their website.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Episode #64
Dan Kelley, Michigan Broadcasters

Dan Kelley is no stranger to successful radio. Since his radio start during high school in suburban Chicago, Dan has been a station Program Director, Operations Director, Station Manager, Chief Engineer and on-air talent for such companies as CBS Radio, Clear Channel and Citadel Communications.

Since 2007, he’s had a statewide perspective for the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. There he serves as Director of Technical Services/Digital Communications Director/Engineering. 

In addition to his work at the MAB, Dan also operates a successful listener-supported classic rock/adult alternative online radio station which has been featured as an "Editor's Pick" station multiple times in Microsoft Windows Media Guide. We link to it below.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Episode #063
Nick Steele - KOIT, San Francisco

After being all over the country in glamour spots like Longview Texas, Dayton, Ohio and Terre Haute, Indiana, Nick Steele met co-host Kristen Flowers where else…at a radio station in Las Vegas! Soon they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They became a morning show at 101.9 The Wolf in Sacremento! They now host mornings on KOIT in San Francisco. Oh, and along the way they got married, too! When we’re not at at the station, they’re usually chasing around their three cats, exploring the Bay Area or firing up the grill at home. In this episode, Nick shares tips for keeping his home and work lives separate while indelibly connected. He also discusses his thoughts on continuing to thrive in the new ‘radio normal’, and how he’s expanding his stills to remain not only relevant, but INDISPENSABLE as the media evolution continues

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