Sunday, November 18, 2018

#085 & #086: Heather Cohen

Heather Cohen is Executive Vice President of The Weiss Agency, a broadcast talent agency which represents and develops the careers of many of the industry’s most successful local and syndicated personalities. 

Heather joined the Weiss Agency directly from GreenStone Media, LLC, where she was Vice President, Programming. Previously she served as Assistant Program Director for New York’s legendary WOR. Among her many awards, she’s been named radio’s “Woman of the Year” by Talker’s and is consistently among Radio Ink Magazine’s Most Influential Women and was featured on the cover last year. Heather also judged the Tony Awards for eight seasons, so she clearly KNOWS talent!

Monday, November 12, 2018

#084 - Scott Innes

Let there be no doubt, Scott Innes is a radio guy through and through. After working at stations in various markets, his hallmark became an uncanny knack to do character voices. 

Then, Hollywood noticed. Scott became the official voice of Hanna-Barbera’s famous cartoon character, Scooby-Doo, and eventually other characters. Scott has also provided the voice for Popeye, Snagglepuss, and most recently, the world-famous stone-age characters from that famous town of Bedrock, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble both in cartoons and animated motion pictures. He’s also given voice to over 1,000 talking Scooby-Doo items such as toys and video games and has appeared on countless TV shows like The Tonight Show, Fox and Friends, and others. 

Now as afternoon drive host on Classic Hits 103.3 in Baton Rouge, Scott’s catchphrase of “Hug them babies when you get home” has become a staple of the Baton Rouge airways, where he’s been voted “favorite On-Air Personality” for three years running Parents Magazine, and he won Air Personality of the Year by the CRB in Nashville and was voted the Academy of Country Music’s Air Personality of the Year!

Bonus Content:
No surprise that a radio guy who also works in TV and movies, that Scott has adopted social video over the years to promote his voice work, radio show and station events.  His passion is doing good for the community.  Here are just a few samples: