Monday, April 29, 2019

#096: Kurt Hanson

If you’re paying attention to where radio is headed, it’s very likely that you’ve encountered the work of Kurt Hanson. As Publisher and Founding Editor of RAIN ─ Radio And Internet News ─ he is also the founder and CEO of the online streaming service

Starting in high school, Kurt worked at various AM/FM radio stations, including Top 40 powerhouse WOKY his hometown of Milwaukee, and such notable Chicago stations as WLUP, WDAI and WLS. Later, he was Founder and CEO of Strategic Media Research (SMR), a market research firm respected throughout the radio industry, which he built into a $10 million business.

Monday, April 22, 2019

#095: Elaina Smith

California native, Elaina Smith has become one of the strongest female presences in radio. While working at Entertainment Tonight and The Insider in Los Angeles, Elaina found her true passion was radio when she got an opportunity to work with San Diego’s wildly popular Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw morning show. She caught the bug and never looked back.

Elaina with NNL co-host Shawn Parr
Since then, Elaina has hosted shows in San Diego, Florida and now over 100 stations simultaneously on NASH Nights Live each night.

Though her radio career has been relatively short, she has already interviewed more artists and performers than most broadcasters do in their entire career and she’s often caught hosting huge country music events in front of thousands of people. Also, if there is a country music red carpet, she’s on it. In addition to her on-air presence, Elaina has become a go-to person in the industry when it comes to social media, speaking at numerous events, including the Country Music Seminar, NAB Show and universities.

You might also recognize her voice as the newest addition to the ACM Awards announcing team on CBS along with her NNL co-host Shawn Parr

Elaina is a Gracie Award-winning broadcaster, who recently added “actress” to her resume when she was asked to appear as herself opposite Hayden Panettiere on CMT’s Nashville

Elaina is also the host of the popular “Women Want to Hear Women” podcast. She has become one of the few women leading the conversation within the industry, about the lack of females in Country Music.

Find her @ElainaDSmith across social media!

Visit "Nash Nights Live"

Check out "With Elaina"

Monday, April 1, 2019

#094: Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds spent most of his career doing morning radio, both on-air and as one of the industry’s top talent coaches.

Doing a successful morning show gave Steve insight on those things that help create fun, compelling radio and great ratings. Just prior to starting The Reynolds Group he witnessed a pattern when researching his own show. Intrigued at what listeners recalled about the show and what really made them tune in each day, philosophies were developed to help guide shows strategically to success.

Today, Steve works with broadcast groups and managers who recognize that making an investment in the growth of their morning team grows the radio station. Whether a morning show is new or been on the station for years, it’s the true point of differentiation in the marketplace. A viable, entertaining morning show helps you win Nielsen championships and drive revenue.

In this interview, Steve shares some dynamic, actionable tips to help your station develop a winning strategy for a show based on its strengths and the market’s competitive terrain. 

See some of Steve's client shows in action:
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